Thank You To [More formally: Acknowledgements]

As even the idea to start a blog was helped along by other scientists/ people/ human-like beings, I decided it would be appropriate to thank the people who have helped get me here. From my Biology teacher Ingrid Dinter whose enthusiasm and support helped me to find, and persevere through the NWABR expo, to the amazing start-up runner Cindy Wu whose networking skills and thoughtfulness never cease to amaze.

When I was still frantically trying to research bonding, I met a scientist at the UW library named Kerry Fowler. He took a lot of time to show me how molecular modeling software worked, and later to give me a description of his work for my paper.

The people at Ignite were so helpful and nice, they set me up with Dr. Barry Stoddard who offered me a space to volunteer in his lab and gave me some wonderful new ideas for my project.

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