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TEDMED – a recap

Better late then never. I’m here, still at my computer, with calculus homework undone, to tell you about TEDMED. As could be inferred from the earlier calculus comment, it will be relatively short, but I wanted to share my pictures and experiences.

I met with Taylor Milsal from Milsal + McCaull a couple of months ago, and we started talking about my project. She mentioned that she was a director at TEDMED, and asked me to send her an essay about what I wanted to change in science legislation (What became the erector set of the 21st century). She then sent it off to Jay Walker, who personally invited me to be his guest (A.K.A. get in for free – Yay! More free stuff!) 


This, is the opening screen for the Hive. It was this awesome space with couches, chairs, television to watch the talks, and free food (The best! I am a student after all. Even in high school we love free food). This was where I spent most of my time. The best part of TEDMED is getting to meet all the amazing people that go. Taylor introduced me to Danny Hillis, Lesa Mitchell of the Kauffman foundation, Zubin Damania (who’s hilarious), Catherine Mohr, and… Tim O’Reilly among others! (I was pretty excited for that one). Thank you so much to Taylor, who helped me navigate the mass of people in TEDMED and worked so hard to help me. If you are ever looking for a marketing or sales person, I highly recommend you contact her. I witnessed her in action, and she knows everyone. I mean everyone!


The crowds I had to navigate. Very stressful. I’m not going to lie. I spent a chunk of time fake texting on my phone because I didn’t have the nerves to talk to people.


I spent some time on the talks, though I wished they had been more science focused. I recommend checking out Laura Deming’s talk, as well as Peter Attia’s. Attia’s talk left me in tears. His account about not judging medical patients really forced me to think about my own biases.  I left with an amazing experience, some kick-ass business advice, and a 1lb stack of business cards that took me 3 hours to reply to. Not bad if I do say so myself 


Me and Lesa Mitchell