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Hackerspace Update – The circle begins

Not to keep up with stereotypes or anything, but I’m super excited to see The Hobbit. Long long ago, in a land far far away, when I believed I wanted to be an actress, I debuted in a camp production of The Hobbit at age 10. I wore white fuzzy socks for Hobbit feet. It was most excellent.Image

But um, away from my nerdi- I mean coolness, and back to bio! There is exciting news on the Hackerspace front. When I visited Genspace, the NYC Hackerspace, a couple of weeks ago, they put me in contact with someone who had expressed interest in starting a Seattle Hackerspace. Bergen McMurray works at the Allen Insitute and is part of the Hackerbot meetups in Seattle. I sent her an email and opened her reply with some trepidation. Had she already started, and I’d been out of the “popular bio group”, and so hadn’t heard? Had she failed, harangued by angry Bacteria rights activists? (This is Seattle after all). But no! She had already found a space to rent in South Seattle, and had started to gather lab materials and search out funding. 

Right now, we are in the difficult processes  of finding free-ish lab equipment and funding. I will keep you updated on the process, and mean while…

“Got Milk?!”Oops, wrong slogan. “We Need You!” There we go.


 We need a name for the Hackerspace. If you can remember back to high school science, you might recollect that scientists cannot name things. Look at Cummingtonite, a mineral named after Cummington, Massachusetts. Real original guys. Unfortunately, I am not blessed with naming prowess either. I named my two gray cats Foggy and Smoky (to be fair, I was nine.) Therefore, I need name suggestions for the lab. We want something interesting but so that you can tell that it’s about biology. Something in between “Seattle Hackerspace” and “Marigold Unicorn Space”. 

Au revoir,