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HiveBio’s Sheep Brain Dissection Class!

I’ve been super busy and haven’t had time to post much lately, but I still want this to be interesting and somewhat science/ entrepreneur-like! So I decided to replog some of the posts that HiveBio’s amazing social media director (Anna Batorsky) wrote. This one can be found on hivebio.org here


This afternoon eight members of the community participated in HiveBio’s first run of the Sheep Brain Dissection class. Co-Founder Bergen McMurray led the class through a description of the different regions of the brain and explained how the different cell types connect and function within this amazingly complex system.

Eight members of the community are ready to get their hands dirty to learn about neurobiology


Bergen McMurray (cofounder) highlights brain regions





Bergen explains which areas of the brain are responsible for locomotion, sensory perception, speech, learning, emotions, and why the connection between right and left brain is so important. She also discusses how neurobiology is studied and how neurological diseases were discovered and treated.

Peeling away the outer membrane

The class was routinely encouraged to comment and ask questions. Several discussions focused on oxytocin, the “happiness” chemical in the brain, and the evolution of sexually dimorphic nuclei in the hypothalamus, and how research on this interesting but controversial topic may progress.

HiveBio would like to thank all of our students today for participating in the sheep brain dissection class and contributing to our discussion. See you next time in the lab!

HiveBio's New Home

I apologize for the short notice here. I’m just recovering from “dying” of an undiagnosed illness, and attending a forum on innovating medical education in Guatemala. (More on that later. In the meantime check out https://www.ufm.edu/) But yes come! Bring friends and family. Put up posters at work. And now you can sign up for membership! Following October 18th, we are open for experimentation! We hope you’ll join us!

HiveBio is Opening!!!!!

Come one and all, through rain and snow, we’ll give you quite the biotech show. You’ll eat and drink and mingle around, we’ll keep you all from making a frown. So don’t you fret, the day has come, HiveBio’s time has begun!

So now you all hate me for that ridiculous “poem”, but you should all come check out HiveBio anyway! Bergen and I are super excited to speak, and the whole team is buzzing with energy (That wasn’t even intentional. I’m just on fire today)



Hi guys, this is going to be really quick because some undone Spanish beckons angrily at me from my desk. I just wanted to post a quick link to the HiveBio website. Bergen McMurray has done an amazing job of designing the logo (so cool!), and it has more information about the lab and how to become a member. And wow, it also has a link to the Microryza page. So another opportunity to donate. Please?! Just $5. I know I’m pulling the radio pledge drive tactic here – annoy the money out of them, but we’re past 50%!

With regards,

Katriona </p