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Her Model of the tRNA driven recombination of split-luciferase

Katriona Guthrie-Honea is 17 and a junior in the accelerated International Baccalaureate program at Ingraham High School in Seattle, Washington. She is the founding co-director of HiveBio Community Lab with Bergen McMurray.  This community-owned biology lab will bring the fun of biology to the NW community. She also works on new age diagnostics. She worked at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in the gene-targeting lab of Barry Stoddard, and the  Maves lab in the Seattle Children’s Research Institute 

She grew up playing with optic lenses as well as Playmobil™. She began her career in biotechnology last year at age 15.  She hates waiting – whether in the line at a vintage clothing sale or to turn 16 to work at a lab. This led her to teach herself complex biology, using Wikipedia to translate journal articles gathered from local University libraries.

Her passion and motivation led her to work over 300 hours for her first ever biotech project, and win the grand prize in the highly competitive Northwest Association of Biomedical Research molecular modeling expo category. She was later a Thiel Fellowship finalist.

She takes pride in breaking stereotypes – cruising the isles of the hardware store in 4-inch heels, and listening to TED talks while cooking. She loves biotechnology, and believes in its power to help transform the world.

3 thoughts on “About this blog/ website

  1. Frank Field

    Hi! Heard about you and would like to bring a story about you and your lab to TV. I’m a reporter at KIRO 7. My mobile is: 206-718-9623. I hope you’ll call. Thanks! ~Frank

  2. John


    My name is John, Co-Founder of Earth Starter. I saw your post about Nomiku, I couldn’t help but reach out to you about a Kickstarter project I launched – The 4 x 6 Nourishmat and 2 x 6 Herbmat! They are grow-your-own garden mats that are like paint-by-numbers for gardening. You roll the mat out on your garden soil, push in the seedballs (clay, seeds, chili-powder and all-natural nutrients), and hook it up to the hose. Recently we were also recipients of Dwell Magazine’s 2013 Design Materials Award at Dwell On Design.

    My co-founder, Phil and I are on a mission to empower consumers to become producers by giving them easy tools grow healthy fresh food. They can grow their own food, eat healthy, and not have to worry about GMOs, where their food came from, pesticides, and so on. Not to mention how gratifying it can be when you wait for a delicious veggie to grow and you can finally take a bite!

    During the Kickstarter campaign, we’re offering a summer contest for any bloggers who’d like to participate! If you want, we will send you sample seedballs to grow, and if you post about the Kickstarter and what you’ll “nourish” with your plants, we’ll enter you to win a Nourishmat for a school or community organization of your choice so that kids can start learning about gardening and healthy food too!

    If you’d like a sample, please let me know the best address to send the seedballs! And please, take a look at the Kickstarter – any support is really appreciated. We can’t go far on this mission without everyone’s help.



    John-Randall Gorby

    1. Katriona Post author

      I would love to try out your product. If you send me an email to katrionagh@ comcast.net then I’ll send you my address. I’m on vacation right now, but when I get home I’m happy to check out your kick starter and write some posts or share it on my network.


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