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Autopsies show that doctors misdiagnose 20% of fatal illnesses. In the European Union multi drug resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) accounts for 1 million extra days of hospitalization and $502 million in US dollars. But common tests involve lengthy culturing of bacteria which takes a minimum of two days, costing hospitals upward of $6,400 and jeopardizing thousands of lives. I am working on an all-encompassing diagnostics system that can diagnose any pathogen with a known genetic sequence, as well as identifying antibiotic resistance. From a minimally invasive patient sample, it gives accurate, multiplex results in seconds. Using gene-targeting proteins and fluorescent technology with a microfluidics delivery and readout system, it delivers quantifiable results.



HiveBio is a community run organization with safety board officials, and elected directors among others, to insure safety. BioHackerspaces are community lab spaces allowing for experimentation without formal background.  It’s like a gym model of a biology lab. You pay a membership fee to use the equipment, you can take classes, and it’s also a community for people that are interested in the same things. Currently, it is nearly impossible for a bioscience enthusiast to gain hands-on experience in a lab without a formal science degree. This requires a level of income that creates an inappropriate gap between means and access to education. In addition, science education in US schools is often ineffective. By setting up places where people can work on their ideas without having it as their formal “work”, people start to innovate. These environments help to obviate the concept of failure, which is essential for innovation. Furthermore, many people are still afraid of biotech, especially DIY bio! We want to help expose it to the community and explain the science behind it, obviating fear the unknown. In addition, we want to challenge the current standard that bioscience only belongs in the hands of a few highly trained individuals. We believe that putting the tools of science in the hands of citizen scientist supports true innovation

We have an educated lab monitor on hand to ensure safety and help advise members at all times the lab is open. Embracing the principals of open access to information, DIYbio seeks to demystify science through education. We offer a wide range of classes, from simple procedures, to more complex theories.

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  1. Eddie Ulrich

    Here is a talk by Freeman Dyson where he presents his vision of the future of DIY biotech (beginning at 31:04).


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