Ashoka Seattle Youth Summer Camps

Hey everyone, I’m now back from England and Spain (A post on a cool DNA exhibit I saw in London will come soon). Lots has happened since I last posted. Bergen McMurray and I got nominated for Women to Watch in Science for the LSINW conference, where my friend Adina Mangubat won! Bergen and Elizabeth Scallon, our Chief Safety Office, manned a booth at the LSINW conference where everything went swimmingly. I’m considering some radical alternative-high school choices for next year (more on that later). HiveBio applied to Social Innovation Fast Pitch accelerator, we’ll hear more on July 19th. Right now I just wanted to let you guys know about a cool summer camp opportunity I was emailed about. Ashoka Youth Venture offers 5 day summer camps, where “youth” learn to how to structure their business plan, build a mobile app, and can earn $1000 in seed funding for their social business venture! I will be (and am) exorbitantly busy this summer (and forever probably) so I won’t sign up, and I highly recommend you do! Or tell someone else about it. Talk to you soon,

With Regards,


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