Exciting news guys – After everyone at TEDMED told me to, I got a twitter account! Yay for me! I’m only 4 years behind the time. It’s going to be such a great tool for advertising, and getting my project out there. It’s so handy, so easy to use from my phon-

I don’t get it. Why is twitter so hard! I don’t like it!!!! In case you haven’t noticed, I can’t fit my thoughts into 140 characters or less! Twitter won’t even accept my name – I’m 3 letters over the limit! I’ve had it for a week and here’s the progress that I’ve made.

I have:

Made 3 tweets (twitted 3 tweets? tweeted 3 tweets? So redundant…)

Followed 52 people/ organizations. More than 50% of which have science or bio somewhere in their name

And have gained a whopping 8 followers – so basically, I’m famous

I don’t understand how people have their pages covered in tweets! I don’t the energy to do that! How am I supposed to be interesting in 140 character increments all day! It’s hard enough not falling asleep in school!!!!

Well anyway, you can follow me here at I will try to be interesting and entertaining. Expect lots of retweeting (I discovered this option on my phone and it’s most exciting. I’m still not even sure what most of the buttons on the twitter app mean, but I finally figured out how to tweet from my phone, so maybe I can up the ante from 1.5 tweets a week)

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