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This is just a short post because there is more to come, but here is the link to our crowd-sourcing page! It’s been live for around 3 days, and we’ve already raised 25%. Any donations you’re willing to make, even $5 dollars helps. That’s the price of a latte! Do you like community science enough for a latte? A video will be coming soon, and we hope to get more pictures of the lab space up soon. With more money, we will be able to get to a safety level 1 lab! This means that we can work with Bacteria, because we’ll have a sink and non absorbent floors.

Note: This is not lethal bacteria. No bio-weapons will be made, or considered, or even thought of. Level 1 means we can work with materials “not known to consistently cause disease in healthy adult humans, and of minimal potential hazard to laboratory personnel and the environment” (CDC,1997) I repeat. Not known to cause to disease. There are many different versions of E. coli, the ones we would work with are more like legos of the bacteria world. You just add your brick (gene) to the E. coli brick.

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