Name Ideas

I’m currently entrenched in a mix of work and networking for the Hackerspace, but we are still beset with a terrible dilemma! What to call the lab! And I warn you, I just watched Les Miserables, and have been listening to the soundtrack. Constantly. So it’s a conscious effort not to include “Vive Le France!” in the name. But my cursory name ideas are as follows.

  • Plasmid Sound Labs (Like Puget Sound. No, don’t give me that look. I’m laughing)
  • BioInnovation
  • Hulk & More (Because of genetic engineering. You see me? Actually this was a very frustrating movie. The creators didn’t really understand how genetic engineering works. 1st, it doesn’t turn you green…)
  • BioCafe (Coffee because it’s Seattle? Yes I know I’m grasping at straws! This is from the girl who wanted to change her name to Sapphire and Moondew. Sadly yes; I read far too many Warrior books)

Ok, that’s all I’ve got. I’ll stop. Please help, give me some ideas!


4 thoughts on “Name Ideas

  1. Brim

    How about the following:
    Emerald Bio Lab
    Puget Bioengineering
    SeaBio Lab (my favorite)
    Evergreen genetics

    1. katrionagh Post author

      I like Emerald Bio Lab, or a a hybrid of two of yours, “Emerald Genetics”. I like SeaBio Lab as well, but I worry people would think it had to do more with oceanography. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Brim

    Yeah, that’s a good name. My project involves the sea, so that’s why I like the Sea Bio Lab.. Anyways, are there any meetings or anything planned with the Lab? I would like to get a hold of someone to get involved and help with the fund raising aspect. Thanks!



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