Hello world!

To do a quick review if you haven’t read the about me section, (or hopefully that’s where the thing I just published went), I’m a Seattle student trying to get data to back up my idea of a genetic specific catalyst. I won 1st place in the highly competitive molecular modeling category at the NWABR biotech expo in March 2012, and have modified my project and now hope to enter it in the INTEL fair or something of the like.

A genetic specific catalyst would be highly useful in the field of medicine. In the first stages of my project, I’m plannign on using a split fluorescent protein to show proof of interaction. In this way, I could send my system in vitro into blood samples as a diagnostic tool, testing for a specific genetic sequence in the sample. For example, a genetic mutation in a virus that makes it antibiotic resistant. Or to test for a genetic disorder in young children.

Right now I’m in the process of finalizing a search for lab space to run my project in, and some form of mentorship to help me with more complicated procedures. I hope to originally run my project with a fluorophore and quencher model to show specificity, and to move along to protein bonding with time. Hopefully I’ll be able to get in the lab soon, and will be able to post some procedures and or/ results.

(If you’re confused and don’t understand what this weird genetic specific catalyst thing is, check out my About page to learn more)

Thank You so much,


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